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Venky Myakala (RK)

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Unlock a powerful way of thinking for better and clearer thoughts

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a loop, revising the same design idea over and over? Or maybe you’ve struggled to make a clear decision, both in your creative work and personal life. This internal roadblock often stems from our thinking process.

Our minds are like powerful engines, constantly processing information. But just like an engine’s performance varies depending on the terrain, the quality of our thinking can fluctuate based on the challenge at hand. As designers, we’re not simply pushing buttons; we’re solving problems and creating experiences through the power of thought.

The good news is that thinking can be honed. Just like any skill, with practice, we can learn to think better, faster, and clearer.

The Importance of Clear Thinking

Imagine this: You’re working on a project alongside your VP of Design. You’re impressed by their ability to articulate ideas and make decisions with unwavering clarity. Their words flow effortlessly, while you find yourself struggling to formulate a response. You might even feel intimidated by the speed and precision of their thought process. This experience highlights the importance of clear thinking. It shapes not just our ideas but also our actions. “What you think, you become. How you think, you do,” as the saying goes.

My Struggle with Rushing Through Design

In my own experience, I used to design in a fast-phased mode, often sacrificing thoroughness in the process. This led to constant rework and frustration. I’d find myself rearranging the same UI components repeatedly, unable to articulate my design choices effectively.

One day, while working on a project, my VP pulled me aside. He noticed my frantic approach and said, “Venky, what’s wrong? Take it one element at a time.” This simple instruction, “one element at a time,” became a turning point for me.

Introducing Elemental Design

This powerful method is called Elemental Design. It’s all about focusing on one design element at a time, dissecting the problem, and exploring solutions meticulously. We’re naturally inclined to think holistically, to try and solve everything at once. However, Elemental Design breaks down this complexity, allowing for a more focused and productive approach.

Benefits of Elemental Design:

Clearer Thought Process: Breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable elements allows for a more focused and analytical approach.

Improved Decision Making: By constantly asking “Why?” about your design choices, you’ll strengthen your rationale and make well-reasoned decisions.

Reduced Rework: Elemental Design promotes a deliberate and iterative approach. This reduces the likelihood of errors and the need for constant rework.

Enhanced Problem Solving: By focusing on individual elements, you can explore various solutions more effectively, leading to more creative problem-solving.

The “Why” Factor

The key to Elemental Design is asking “Why?”. Why do I want to make this button bigger? Why am I using this particular font? By constantly questioning your design choices, you force yourself to think critically and arrive at well-reasoned decisions. This process fosters clarity and eliminates ambiguity.

Imagine the difference between rushing through a design and methodically analyzing each element. When you think clearly, problem-solving becomes effortless. You can make better decisions, deliver exceptional work, and achieve success in both your professional and personal life.

By adopting elemental design, you can transform from a design whirlwind into a master of clear thinking. Stay tuned for the next article, where we’ll explore how to harness this power in your workflow!

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